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The Pune Municipal Corporation is well known as “Pune Mahanagar Palika” manages the City of Pune. PMC serving their citizens since 1950. To serve citizens better Pune Municipal Corporation has taken the initiative for e-Governance as a part of service initiative. The major responsibility of PMC is to look after the civic and infrastructural needs of the citizens of pune. To provide better facilities and services for citizens of pune PMC is using new technology for their Smart City Mission. The main purpose behind these initiative is to manage the solid waste through the various technologies like GPS Tracking System to track the garbage vehicles, UHF RFID Readers used for vehicle identification, IOT Sensors to identify the status or level of waste bins if it is empty or filled. Automated monitoring of transfer stations, processing centres for daily garbage inward, outward using weigh bridge automation.

As solid waste collection and management operations through an Automation System is an attempt to make the city more “Cleaner and Greener”. Pune Municipal Corporation is leading the way with complete end-to-end automation and monitoring of waste collection and management along with innovative Mobile and Web based application to improve and smoothen ground level mechanism for waste collection and re-cycling of waste.


The objective of PMC for Solid Waste Management are to control, collect, process, utilize and dispose of solid waste in an economical way consistent with the public health protection. PMC envisages implementing Solid Waste Collection and Monitoring System as a city wide integrated platform for its diverse set of waste collection needs which include operations of public transportation, management of vehicles operating for other civic services like solid waste, engineering and emergency services. The aim of implementing this system is to bring in best-in-class operational efficiency and automation to its operations capability to ensure services are delivered on consistent basis and in a manner that meets obejctives of PMC.

Smart Integrated System Architecture

It is necessary to establish sustainable system of SWM. The goals of SWM is summarized as follows-

  • To protect environmental health.
  • To promote the quality of the urban environment.
  • To support the efficiency and productivity of the economy.
  • Minimize waste generation.
  • Maximize waste re-cycling and reuse.

Benefits of Solid Waste Collection and Monitoring System

To manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system.

  • Monitoring of the vehicle in real time to improve per vehicle productivity & reduce non-compliance.
  • Usage and route planning optimization of garbage trucks.
  • Rapid management of vehicle breakdown and maintenance.
  • Centralized command control center for waste collection and transportation.
  • Efficient monitoring and management of waste bins.
  • Verification of collection service.
  • Availability of MIS for effective planning of resources, schedule & unforeseen events.
  • Automated monitoring of transfer stations, processing centres for daily garbage inward, outward using weigh bridge automation.
  • Effective Management of citizen complaints.
  • Creating healthy competition between wards by generating Cleanliness Score based on timely pickups, coverage & customer feedback.
  • Greater transparency in the civic administration.
  • Eliminate the human factor from entire cycle of SWM process starting from collection to bill disposal.

Solid Waste Collection and Monitoring System shall comprise of following distinct application areas:

1. GPS Vehicle Tracking System
2. Hotel Garbage Collection Automation
3. Weight Automation at transfer stations
4. Attendance System for field staff and Swachh Workers
5. RFID Tags for Bins with Readers on Vehicle
6. Smart Sensor based Bins Management

Work Flow

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